Teen idol Justin Bieber has hit the headlines again by spitting from a hotel balcony on to fans below.

The salivating superstar was captured on camera projecting a large volume of spittle from the balcony of the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, while his friends laughed at his high jinks.

The photos were posted on celebrity gossip website TMZ a week after another saliva controversy, when a DJ in Ohio accused the singer of spitting in his face during a row.

Spitting seems to be Bieber's answer to all acrimonious confrontations. In January, a woman claimed that the Canadian singer or one of his gang of friends spat into her drink after a skirmish in a North Carolina gym. Bieber's management have denied the claim.

There were also reports in March of the singer spitting in his neighbour's face after a row about him speeding through the local streets in his Ferrari. This was also vigorously denied.

The Baby singer's loutish behaviour has caused outrage in recent months. He was caught on film urinating in a mop bucket at a New York nightclub.

Bieber's spitting antics have triggered a volley of tweets ranging from revulsion to approval.

Katie Langley from Manchester tweeted: "Justin Bieber spat at his fans from a balcony because he was bored. That's just downright disgusting."

Blogger Rebekka-Mary Darling wrote: "Justin Bieber spitting? Seriously? Can't you afford a tissue with all your millions? It's revolting."

However, some fans would have appreciated being at the receiving end of Bieber's projectile spittle.

Chloe Price, from South Wales, said: "What's so bad with Justin spitting on fans? Every girl in the world would love to get spat on by Justin."

However, the act of spitting has not always been a social taboo. A few centuries ago spitting in the street was as normal as tipping your chamber pot out of the window.

Today "flobbing" or "gobbing" is considered by many to be ugly, anti-social and potentially disease spreading.

Watch Justin Bieber discharge his spittle