West's latest album has gone through so many name changes. And he has now announced that the album will be called The Life of Pablo, unveiling finally what TLOP means.

At least that is what the album will be called for now. Despite his tweet on the name change, media organisations are yet to be convinced that it will be the final name. In reporting the album's new name, they say that "as of now" it is called the Life of Pablo.

West is expected to premiere The Life of Pablo in full at his Season 3 collection showing at Madison Square Garden on 11 February. This is the rapper's seventh studio album. The show will be screened in theatres around the world.

On Monday, West threw a challenge to his fans saying that he would give away a free pair of Yeezy's sneakers and a ticket to his fashion show if they could solve the TLOP acronym which he had named his album. It is not yet clear if anyone has come forward to claim the prize.

The album was initially to have been called So Help Me God, then was changed to Swish. He then moved on the Waves and ended up with TLOP earlier this week. So why Pablo and who does it refer to? The Verge suspects it could refer to Pablo Picasso as West has in the past compared himself to the artist.

"We may not know for sure until tomorrow (11 February) unless West pulls a fast one in the world once more and changes up the name again. Anything can happen at this point."

Pitchfork news noted that while the album was still called Swish, West had shared the tracklist, which included No More Parties in LA. That tracklist is conspicuously absent in the final track that West had tweeted. It noted that previously heard songs, Real Friends, Fade and Wolves are still on the album.