The "Karen" mask is raking in online orders as Americans are gearing up for Halloween 2020 less than two months away. Among other contenders such as Tiger King's Carole Baskin and Doctor Anthony Fauci, the famous mousy suburban type white woman is proving to be the most popular Halloween costume of this year.

The name "Karen" has became a slang term used to call a white woman exhibiting character traits of being entitled, obnoxiously demanding and racist. The year 2020 has seen the rise of racially-charged videos of white women calling cops on black people or having a tirade at a supermarket over just about anything. The name has brought on endless memes and has taken the viral road on the internet.

Jason Adcock, a Los Angeles-based artist, started selling custom made Karen face masks on Etsy for £140 that features a full head latex mask with blonde hair and a grimacing facial expression. The mask is sculpted, moulded, then cast and painted quite realistically to become "the scariest thing you can be on Halloween."

The Karen face is contorted to depict a fit of rage topped off with a set of yellow-tinged teeth, blotchy skin and red eyes, ABC reports.

Adcock moved to the city of Angels seven years ago to pursue special effects work but retail space got the better of his skills. This opportunity was brought on when he posted his Karen mask on Facebook merely for the purpose of getting a few orders from family and friends.

The expensive price tag may be a little overwhelming for a Halloween mask, but each mask is custom handmade and takes four weeks to complete. Still, this has rendered the artist backed up with weeks worth of orders. He also offers two versions of his "Karen".

Despite his unexpected retail success with Karen masks taking the internet by storm, Adcock admits he has also received much backlash along with some hate mail and death threats for taking aim at people named Karen and stereotyping them to such character traits.

Adcock took to defending his work and had this to say: "Just take it for what it is: a funny Halloween mask. I'm not here to ruin anybody's day. I'm just trying to make people laugh."

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