Prince William has reportedly been singing rock band Coldplay's tracks to get Prince George to sleep.

According to Daily Star, the 31-year-old royal and Kate Middleton are trying to settle into their new role as parents and are up as many as six times in a night. As previously reported, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are at Michael and Carole Middleton's £4.85m Georgian manor in Berkshire.

"William had no idea it would be this tough," an insider said, "Prince William is using a bizarre tactic of belting out Coldplay anthems at all hours of the night even though he can barely hold a note. It's even keeping Kate's parents awake."

"His favourite song is Paradise and he also loves doing Yellow. Coldplay aren't even his favourite band, but George responds to their songs the most and settles back down," the source added.

Although William is struggling with the sleeping pattern, Kate has learnt to adjust to motherhood.

"Wills is shattered by the morning so he heads to bed for a couple of hours and Kate springs back into action along with her parents," the insider continued.

Before George was born, William used to sing tracks from Black Eyed Peas to Kate's baby bump during her pregnancy.

"William talks to the baby bump all the time and even sings lullabies and kisses it. He's very soppy," a friend of Prince William told Daily Star in April, "He likes to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Go To Sleep My Baby when it's late at night. But he has also been making Kate laugh singing the Black Eyed Peas song Let's Get It Started when the baby is kicking a lot."