Controversy is mounting on Twitter as celebrities tweet their comments on the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha who was fooled by two Australian radio pranksters into revealing confidential information about Kate Middleton.

"Tragic suicide of nurse involved taking fake Australian call at Kate's hospital. The journalist should be arrested/charged with something," tweeted Lord Alan Sugar.

"Terrible and so tragic! Nurse commits suicide who was victim of hoax phonecall from the 'Queen'," wrote former tennis star Boris Becker.

"I'm mortified hearing about this poor nurse. A life spent helping people & 2 dickheads disrespectful try-on ends up like this.#thinkUidiots," tweeted Australian actress Holly Valance.

British illusionist Derren Brown said: "Mm. Yesterday derision & so little sympathy here for the nurse. Today nothing but. (& a few of course presuming sinister royal conspiracy.)"

But others defended Australian 2Day FM Radio DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

"Death of #royalprank nurse is deeply sad, but not an excuse to hound DJs for prank calls. This was unforeseeable," editor Ian Dunt tweeted.

Former footballer and depression charities supporter Stan Collymore warned his followers against starting a witch-hunt.

"Suicide rarely a kneejerk reaction to single event. Mostly accumulation, so those blaming 2 Aussies think before starting witchhunt," Collymore wrote.

But former colleague and Liverpool star Dietmar Hamann responded: "People using the word witchhunt ... won't be long before somebody tells me to have sympathy for the poor DJs ... No morals, no conscience."

Scottish radio and TV broadcaster Robin Galloway pledged to temporarily stop making "crank calls" on his show.

"Out of respect to tragic nurse Jacinta Saldanha there will be no crank calls til further notice. Thoughts with family," Galloway tweeted.

Other tweeters were less sympathetic and made light of the situation.

"Can't believe a DJ made someone commit suicide and it wasn't Chris Moyles," tweeted Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle.

Kate Middleton Prank Death Call: 2Day FM Drops Mel Greig and Michael Christian