A clan of famous Democrats, the Kennedys, took turns hitting a Donald Trump piñata at their Fourth of July holiday bash which gathered a lot of interest on social media.

News of the "beating" leaked out when Robert Kennedy Jr's 28-year-old daughter, Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy, posted an Instagram with a photo of the Trump piñata. She noted that the get-together at the family's Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, compound was a "yuge" party, mocking Trump's Queens-accent twist on the word "huge."

The large piñata featured Trump adorned with very yellow hair and dressed in a blue suit and tie with his mouth open. The Instagram post garnered 226 likes before Kennedy took it down.

Likes came from some of Kathleen's famous friends, including actress Glenn Close, Hardball host Chris Matthews' son Thomas, E! reality star Jessica Joffe and publishing heiress Anne Hearst, who commented, "Is that a piñata? Very funny."

Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, also clicked a like, noted People magazine. So did Jamie Johnson, who directed the 2003 documentary Born Rich about children born into wealthy families. Ironically, Ivanka Trump was one of the stars of the documentary.

Trump piñatas — and effigies — became popular in Mexico after the candidate called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.