David Duke
Former KKK leader David Duke praises the 'hidden hand' in Donald Trump tweet against Hillary Clinton that many view as anti-Semitic.

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke has defended a tweet that presumptive Republican presidency candidate Donald Trump made about Hillary Clinton which critics have termed anti-Semitic.

The tweet featured a photo of Clinton, piles of American dollars and a six-pointed star many considered was the Jewish Star of David, with the words: "The most corrupt politician ever." The image first appeared on the Internet in a white supremacist message forum.

Trump insisted the six-pointed star was supposed to be a "sheriff's badge" — but quickly changed it to a circle after the controversy erupted.

In a tweet supporting Trump, Duke hailed the "hidden hand exposing itself" in the tweet, apparently referring to the white supremacist site.

One Duke follower tweeted: "She's in the pocket of the Jews, like every other politician in the West."

But one joked about the tweet, saying the "hand" referred to the "really small hidden hand," evoking an earlier jibe by former rival Marco Rubio against Trump indicating that his small hands reflect the size of his genitals.

The Trump campaign had an earlier stumble with the former white supremacy boss when the candidate appeared reluctant to distance himself from Duke's support. Trump initially refused in a media interview to disavow Duke's endorsement, claiming he "knew nothing about" America's most famous white supremacist — nor did he known anything about white supremacy.

Afterward Trump insisted that he hadn't heard what he had been asked. Later, Trump said flatly "I disavow" when asked about Duke.