Women in Kentucky are taking to social media to ask Governor Matt Bevin questions about their vaginas in protest at a new anti-abortion bill signed by the Republican governor. Twitter users have been using the hashtag #askbevinaboutmyvag to direct gynaecological questions at the first-term politician.

The bill requires women to have a face-to-face consultation - either over live video chat or in person - at least 24 hours before receiving an abortion. Previously, women were required to only listen to a recorded message about the risks and benefits of undergoing the procedure. Bevin is also supporting a bill that has passed the Kentucky senate, requiring any woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound - if the bill becomes law, doctors who do not comply could face fines between $100,000 and $250,000 (£69,000 and £172,000).

Derek Selznick, director of the Kentucky ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project, told the Lexington Herald-Leader: "This is not informed consent. This is about politicians trying to bully, shame and humiliate women who have already made the personal, informed and heart-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy."

In response to Bevin's anti-abortion stances, Twitter user Molly Shah, said "Since @MattBevin has so many opinions on my uterus, I have some Obgyn questions to ask him", starting off the new hashtag:

Her first question was about birth control:

Others started to join in with their own questions:

As yet, neither of Governor Bevin's two twitter accounts have replied with any advice...