sofa bed
The victim had been staying in the guest room at her daughter's house when the sofa bed snapped shut Creative Commons Zero

An elderly woman died this morning (20 March) after being trapped in a folding bed in Valencia, according to Spanish news site Informacion. It is not the first time a 'sofa-bed' has claimed the life of a human.

The victim, 87, died almost instantly as the bed snapped shut at a house in Montdúver street. Paramedics rushed to the scene after being called at 7.30am but they were unable to do anything apart from confirm her death.

She had been staying in the guest room at her daughter's house. The daughter, who had been about to wake her up to take her to a medical appointment, called emergency services in after finding her sandwiched in the bed without a pulse.

The victim had been staying with various relatives on a rotational basis as she coped with ill-health. Her son-in-law and 14-year-old grandson were also in the house when she died.

Three-year-old Aissante Diallo died after suffocating in a sofa bed in September 2013.
The American toddler was playing on her family's folding bed with her 10-year-old sister when it snapped shut.