North West
The couple celebrated the first birthday of their daughter North in June  Instagram

After throwing their daughter North a lavish party for her first birthday, it looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are feeling broody again.

According to Us Weekly magazine, the superstar couple are already trying for baby number 2 because the rapper desperately 'wants a boy'.

It is thought that the newlyweds already got the ball rolling during their Honeymoon in Ireland in early June. They continued their baby-making mission in Mexico, after their 'gloomy' trip to Europe left them unimpressed.

But following the criticism Kardashian endured during her first pregnancy, fans might have to wait even longer for an announcement this time around.

"Kim won't tell anyone until she's five months along," a source told Us. "She doesn't want people scrutinising her body."

Another baby could be just what they need if reports that their marriage is already on the rocks are to be believed.

A story previously published by Radar Online claimed that the reality star and her new husband are "miserable" and divorce may soon be on the cards.

West allegedly realised just how different they are and the reality star is already tired of his controlling ways.

"Sources close to the couple say that when they actually are together, they're miserable!" the article reads.