A 19-year-old film-making and design student from India got a direct compliment from Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg for his 75-second tribute to the filmmaker.

Krishna Bala Shenoi, who hails from southern Indian state of Karnataka, created the animated video in four months, compiling his favourite images from Spielberg's movies. He later sent it to renowned film critic Roger Ebert who posted it on his blog. Shenoi is apparently the youngest foreign correspondent on Ebert's blog.

"Spielberg has been my hero ever since I, in my childhood, saw his more popular films (" Jaws," "Temple of Doom," "Hook," " E.T.," "Close Encounters," et al.), but recently, as I covered areas in his filmography I hadn't before, and doubled back to some that I didn't quite remember, I was struck by how much he really is my hero," Shenoi wrote in the accompanying note.

He received an e-mail from Spielberg 's assistant Samantha Becker with a scanned image of the handwritten letter, congratulating him on his documentary.

"I read the story about you in the Chi Sun Times and then I watched your sweet and respectful short movie. Your image choices and clever transitions gave your tribute film a real narrative. I was impressed to say the least. I will be looking out at the horizon to see where next you will emerge and impress," Spielberg scribbled.

Shenoi will receive a hard copy of this letter, signed by the legendary filmmaker soon.

"I didn't expect such a response, but I, somewhere in the back of mind, hoped for it. I'm so touched by the fact that this man took the time to write such a kind letter to me," said Shenoi in an exclusive interview to IBTimes UK.