A naked male model, who danced around Times Square in New York City on Thursday morning (30 June 2016), demanded a meeting with GOP candidate Donald Trump before climbing 16ft to the top of a booth on Seventh Avenue and leaping off the ledge – missing an airbag that the police had laid out.

Krit McClean, 21, ran around the busy tourist area of the city, dancing, shouting and leading police on a mini-chase, caused the entire area to be shut down as the authorities attempted to apprehend him.

The runway model, who has reportedly appeared on the cover of GQ and enjoyed an international modelling career, reportedly shouted: "Donald Trump, where are you?" repeatedly, demanding a meeting with the GOP presumptive presidential nominee. He also shouted "I love fashion, it's taught me so much" before he jumped from the ledge and was taken to hospital.

Ticket agent Alpha Blade told NY Daily News: "I see a lot of crazy guys in Times Square, but nothing like this.

"He started taking his clothes off at 45th St. Any time a woman passed by, he'd throw his clothes at them. He took off his shoes, shirt, pants – everything off."

After dancing around the square as police chased him, the model then climbed up to the TKTS booth in the square, leading police to lay out two inflatable air bags for McClean to land on if he fell. But after chasing him on the booth, McClean attempted to get away from the cops by jumping from the ledge on to the street – missing the airbags and landing on the pavement.

McClean is to receive psychiatric treatment. His behaviour is said to be out of character for the usually "mild mannered" student, the paper reported. He is expected to face charges of indecent exposure.