The Spanish La Liga has slammed FC Barcelona's request to have more flexibility when it comes to the financial fair play regulations that are affecting their ability to register Lionel Messi. The league intends to stand by the rules, and Barcelona will need to find another way to balance their books.

Judging from the transfers that have been made this summer, Barcelona are still a long way from reaching their goal of getting under the allowed salary cap. Their four new signings have made things more difficult, especially since the club has only managed to sell a handful of fringe players. They have not had much luck selling their high earners, and the players who will stay are not all open to further wage reductions.

Earlier this week, Barca president Joan Laporta assured that they have done enough to be able to register new signings Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Emerson. However, he asked La Liga for concessions regarding Messi. As it stands, the club won't be able to accommodate the Argentine's salary in their wage bill for next season.

La Liga president Javier Tebas previously said that they are not willing to make an exception for Messi. Furthermore, the other clubs in the league will have to approve any change in regulations. There is little chance that the other clubs will agree to a move that benefits their rival.

The Spanish League is also looking at the situation elsewhere in Europe. Some Ligue 1 clubs are facing bankruptcy, and the same is happening in Italy. The lost revenue during the pandemic and the sky-rocketing expenses have compromised the financial stability of many clubs. With Barcelona already in major debt, the league won't be inclined to allow them to dig themselves an even bigger hole.

Allowing the club to spend more than they can make is a recipe for disaster, and La Liga knows that the clubs want to be protected from this situation.

Barcelona find themselves in a bind, as they work towards the goal of re-signing Lionel Messi. Laporta had promised club members that he can make it happen, and the player does not appear to be looking for a move. However, even with a 50% pay cut, Barcelona can't afford Messi at the moment and La Liga will not give them any special treatment.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi AFP / LLUIS GENE