Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters plan to protest outside the House of Commons, as Labour's parliamentary party meet on Monday evening (27 June) amid an attempted leadership coup. The demonstration, organised by the Momentum pressure group, will come after Hilary Benn's sacking as shadow foreign secretary triggered a string of resignations from Corbyn's top team.

The likes of Lucy Powell, the former shadow education secretary, and Gloria de Piero, the former shadow minister for young people, have called for new leadership in the wake of the EU referendum result, which saw Labour heartlands back a Leave vote after the party campaigned for Remain.

But Corbyn, who won the 2016 Labour leadership election with almost 60% of the vote, is refusing to budge. "I was elected by hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members and supporters with an overwhelming mandate for a different kind of politics," the left-winger said in a 26 June statement.

"I regret there have been resignations today from my shadow cabinet. But I am not going to betray the trust of those who voted for me – or the millions of supporters across the country who need Labour to represent them.

"Those who want to change Labour's leadership will have to stand in a democratic election, in which I will be a candidate."

Momentum, which was founded off the back of Corbyn's successful leadership campaign, has so far signed up more than 3,000 to its protest via Facebook. A spokesman for the group told IBTimes UK: "At such a critical time for our country following the Brexit vote, this division is the last thing we need.

"We call for unity and the Labour Party to offer a programme of hope for our people."

The row comes as the Houses of Parliament return from recess after the EU referendum. With at least 12 departures from the shadow cabinet, Labour may find it difficult to field spokespeople for Commons debates. A source close to the Labour leader's office told IBTimes UK that Corbyn would seek to appoint a new shadow cabinet "as soon as possible", but could not give a specific timetable due to the resignations throughout 26 June.