Ed Miliband could soon make a dramatic return to frontline British politics if his successor reportedly gets his way. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is apparently "wooing" the Doncaster North MP in a bid to get Miliband into his shadow cabinet team after the EU referendum.

The move would see Miliband back on the public stage after Labour's devastating General Election defeat to the Conservatives. The 2015 loss saw the former leader resign and trigger an election for the top Labour job.

Corbyn, then a little-known backbencher, would later take advantage of Miliband's new £3 membership rules and secure a surprise victory.

The Islington North MP has since faced a baptism of fire from his own parliamentary party and elements of the media as he takes Labour leftwards.

Miliband has offered Corbyn regular "counsel and advice", according to The Times. But a former frontbench source told the newspaper that it would be a bad idea for Miliband to make a return to political spotlight. "He should be in jail for what he did to the Labour party," the source said.

Corbyn is reportedly plotting a shadow cabinet reshuffle after the EU referendum. The previous Labour leadership shake-up proved controversial as former shadow Europe minister Pat McFadden was replaced by Pat Glass and unilateralist Emily Thornberry was promoted to shadow defence secretary.

Corbyn had a mixed result at the 5 May polls, his first major electoral test, with Labour's Sadiq Khan becoming Mayor of London, the party losing 18 council seats across England and Wales as well as Scottish Labour being pushed into third place at the Holyrood elections.

A spokesman for Corbyn had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Ed Miliband
Mea Culpa: Ed Miliband resigned as Labour leader after the 2015 General Election Getty