Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband has increased Labour's lead to 9 points Reuters

Ed Miliband's focus on the cost of living crisis is starting to pay off with Labour's lead rising two points to 39%, according to a poll.

Ipsos Mori's Political Monitor survey shows the Conservatives down by three points to 30%. Coalition partners the Liberal Democrats have risen to 13% since December, pushing Ukip back into fourth place, on 11%.

Voters have turned against coalition government too with two thirds of voters polled by Ipsos Mori saying they do not want another one after the 2015 general election.

According to the research, around 65% said it would be bad if no single party achieved an overall majority. Only 26% disagreed.

Since the coalition was formed after the 2010 general election, its support had dwindled. In May 2010, 52% of citizens thought it was a bad thing, while 40% thought otherwise. Today, the divide has widened to 60:32.

There are also doubts as to whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband can win outright. Overall, 51% believe another coalition government will form.

The poll also revealed that Conservative supporters would rather share power with the Liberal Democrats than Ukip if parliament were hung. When the survey questioned if people would support a Conservative-Ukip delegation, 40% said yes and 44% said they would oppose it.

Around 70% support the idea of another Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. Only 17% said they would be against.

According to the survey, Lib Dem supporters would rather share power with Labour, than the Conservatives. Just over a third would oppose a deal with Labour.

Just over six in 10 Labour supporters would approve a coalition with the Lib Dems or the Green party. In terms of Ukip supporters, 47% would share power will Labour - but 64% would rather join with the Conservatives.