Margaret Thatcher: Titan of our time
Margaret Thatcher: Titan of our time

Tributes have poured in on Twitter following the death of Margaret Thatcher - but not everybody has mourned her loss.

Respect MP George Galloway took to the social network in the immediate aftermath of the news of the former prime minister's death to post the message: "Tramp down the dirt."

Galloway has drawn a torrent of criticism for his words, with some users branding him "obscene" for the tweet.

But it was a favourite for other users, highlighting how divisive a figure Thatcher became for her epoch-defining policies which shaped Britain.

Former close colleague Norman Tebbit hailed Thatcher's strong leadership and clarity of vision in Downing Street. He served under her and was keenly allied to many of her policies.

"She did indeed change Britain - for the better. Would that there was somebody like her to lead us again now," he said.

"The years in which I served in her government were the most fruitful of my own life and I am grateful to her for allowing me to serve her country in that way."

Tebbit reflected on her life after politics, which became blighted by dementia.

"It is a sadness that such an immense figure of the late 20th century should have gone, but perhaps a merciful release for her from a life which must have been increasingly empty in recent years," he said.

All Thatcher's children

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said: "All political parties have been shaped by the vision and courage of Margaret Thatcher. She transformed the face of Britain and of all political parties. We are all Thatcher's children."

David Cameron told his more than a quarter of a million followers on Twitter: "We've lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton." He said Britain had been "saved" by her leadership.

Thatcher transformed Britain after coming to Downing Street in 1979 with a raft of radical industrial and financial reforms.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who quit her Tory seat to move to New York City, tweeted: "Devastated to read of the death of Lady Thatcher. The greatest woman ever to have entered politics. Our greatest peacetime prime minister.

"She was the best of British, and her name will be twinned with Churchill in terms of sheer greatness."

News of her death was met with sadness across the Atlantic Ocean.

She and former president Ronald Regan enjoyed a very close partnership, which formed the basis of the so-called "special relationship" between the US and Britain cited so often by Labour PM Tony Blair during his spell.

Defeated presidential candidate John McCain said she had belonged at the summit of world leaders.

He tweeted: "RIP Margaret Thatcher, one of the great leaders of the 20th century."

The continuing influence of Thatcher was evident in how her death affected some young people.

Nara Hodge, a young Conservative in Cameron's constituency of Witney, wrote: "Very sad day. I cannot stop crying. Margaret Thatcher has died. My idol, my inspiration."

By contrast, Abbie @xShalalala from Nottingham@ tweeted: "We live in a town that was destroyed by Margaret Thatcher, I imagine the pubs are gonna be busy today."

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