In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show "Oprah's Next Chapter", American singer Lady Gaga revealed her desire to have a family.

"Yes, I want kids, I want a soccer team and I want a husband. Yeah, I do. Well, you know, I'm being superfluous. I don't want to have one kid. I want to have a few," she told Oprah.

Incidentally, the singer's mother - Cynthia - also weighed in.

"When Gaga started emerging, when she was performing - I think it was at Joe's Pub downtown - and she was in her bikini performing Lady Starlight and decided that night to ... actually light hairspray on fire. And some people left when that happened ... a lot of people stayed and thought it was cool. But her father and I were like, honestly, he said, 'I think she has a screw loose'," Cynthia was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail.

Gaga had previously met Oprah at the launch of her "Born This Way" Foundation. The singer is currently dating actor Taylor Kinney of the "Vampire Diaries".

The programme goes on air on Sunday on Winfrey's OWN cable network.