Anyone who predicted 2017 would be a quiet year will have been sorely disappointed with what transpired.

Donald Trump ruffled feathers right from the start with his so-called 'Muslim ban' and legislative attempts to derail Obamacare. The UK was thrown into political chaos as Theresa May's government failed to win a majority following a snap election, resulting in continuous party infighting over Brexit.

There were some more light-hearted moments, too. George Bush's struggle with a poncho during the Trump inauguration brought some humorous relief to an event that attracted controversy over the reported attendance.

In the Middle East there were victories against the so-called Islamic State as the Iraqi government declared the country officially "liberated" in December.

In the world of social media, 'Nuggs for Carter' became an unlikely viral meme, eventually becoming the most retweeted post of all time while Despacito, a breakout musical hit from Puerto Rico, became the most played song in YouTube history with 4.5 billion spins.

All that is just for starters! We've put together a quiz that will test your knowledge of the biggest events of 2017.