Lauren Scruggs
A preliminary report on the plane propeller accident involving Lauren Scruggs has been released from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The report indicates that the pilot tried to stop Scruggs from walking into the plane propeller that led to serious injuries to her shoulder, face and left hand. Twitter

Model and fashion Blogger Lauren Scruggs has spoken out for the first time since a horrific plane propeller accident nearly cost her life.

The 23-year-old, who was left with severe wounds to her face and shoulder and had to have her hand amputated when she accidentally walked into a spinning airplane propeller on December 3, thanked her supporters for 'so much love during this difficult incident in my life'.

Scruggs took to her blog to post a heart-warming message titled 'So (very) much thanks' to show her appreciation.

In the inspiring message she writes: "I don't know how to thank each one of you, properly, for so much love during this difficult incident in my life. My heart is so grateful beyond what I could ever imagine"

"So thank you dearly for the sweet encouragements, the precious words in letters and messages, the beautiful grace in pretty presents, but mostly i am so SO thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits," she added.

Scruggs, was injured as she climbed out of the two-seater plane at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas after returning from a flight to watch Christmas lights across the state.

She had to undergo multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face and shoulder and amputate her hand after the propeller blades sliced the left side of her face and shoulder and severed her left hand.

However, the recovering stylist, who worked on US show Gossip Girl has also reassured her supporters that she had begun to accept her life-changing injuries with the help of her faith.

"I wonderfully know that we are all so adored by the amazing and powerful Lord, and nothing is greater than walking in His planned-out lives. Jesus Christ is imaginably glorious and worthy of all praise even in the hardest moments. love, lo."