A woman who spent £4,000 on a breast implant had the shock of her life after her body started to reject one of the implants.

Lauren Yardley went under knife to increase her A-cup size breasts to DD but within two months, her body started rejecting it. Eventually, the implant started falling out from her chest and came through the skin.

"I couldn't believe it when the implant started coming out of my breast," she said, "At first it was like a blister, but then over the next week it started to come out more and more."

"I did not feel too much pain, just discomfort. The doctors at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it - they couldn't believe I was not in septic shock. I feel very lucky, it could have been a lot worse," she added.

The 25-year-old nursery worker reportedly paid £3,750 for breast implants in September 2009, but soon after the operation she felt her right breast became hard and lumpy. Medics diagnosed capsular contracture - a common complication of breast implant surgery, in which the body creates a capsule of fibrous scar tissue around the breast implant as part of the healing process. As for Yardley, the capsule tightened and squeezed the implant out from the body.

"The most horrific thing was having only one breast for seven months," she said, "I was booked to go on holiday to Tenerife for two weeks so I had to pad out my bra so people would not notice. When I booked the operation they told me it was common for the body to reject implants - but I had no idea this could happen."

Though Yardley had to go through a terrible procedure, she said that she does not regret the surgery.

"People always ask me if I would have implants again after all I have been through but I always say yes. I don't regret it at all," Yardley said, "But it has cost me a fortune to have all the follow-up operations."