Transformers 5
The cast of the movie includes Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, Josh Duhamel as lieutenant colonel Lennox and Isabela Moner as Izabella Paramount Pictures

Just a few weeks into filming, Paramount Pictures has begun marketing for Transformers: The Last Knight with the first billboard poster displayed in New York at the 47th Street Diamond Exchange. The picture finally reveals the first look of Optimus Prime who has gone into Outer Space to find the Creators.

If you think Optimus Prime's fierce fight with Galvatron and Lockdown in Age Of Extinction was the best, then wait for The Last Knight where the Autobot leader is set to face mightier enemies in space.

The picture reveals Optimus wielding his sword to fight against the monster, which looks somewhat like a three-headed dragon robot or three dragon-headed robots. The image is a huge warning that the resurrection of Megatron is not the only shocker for fans and there is a massive threat looming in space for the Autobots and humans.

The images of the billboard were posted by a Facebook fan page that speculates the ferocious robotic creature belongs to the Decepticons. Although the plot of the movie is still not known, popular theories suggest that Optimus will find his home planet Cybertron, which is a dead planet now. In a bid to bring his home back to life again, he will require an artefact that is hidden somewhere on earth.

Transformers 5 The Last Knight being promoted in NewYork at the 47th Street Diamond Exchange photo thanks to Sherri...

Posted by Transformers Cars on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paramount Pictures had previously revealed the new look of Megatron and Bumblebee and a few other Transformers but the first look of the Autobot leader was missing. This picture will surely give something to fans by way of a spoiler for the fifth sequel in the blockbuster franchise.

The appearance of the dragon-headed monster does hint at a gripping storyline involving Optimus, Galvatron and the humans Cade and Izabella. Age Of Extinction was one of the highest earning movies of 2014 but was panned by critics for a weak script and predictable action sequences.

Directed by Michael Bay, the movie will release in theatres in the US on 23 June 2017. Mark Wahlberg will return as Cade Yeager with Isabela Moner as the female lead Izabella. Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson will reprise their characters of lieutenant colonel Lennox and Robert Epps respectively in the movie.