Legends of Tomorrow
Legends Of Tomorrow stars Firestorm, White Canary, The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Rip Hunter and Hawkgirl The CW

The premiere date of DC's upcoming Arrow and The Flash spinoff series -- Legends Of Tomorrow -- may have been accidentally revealed by a Warner Bros executive during a recent interview and it teases the studio and network's (The CW) larger plan for the DC shared universe.

During a conversation with The Paley Center, Greg Berlanti -- producer of shows such as Supergirl, Blindspot, as well as The CW's Arrow and The Flash -- sat down with Warner Bros TV's president and chief content officer Peter Roth for a talk about their work together. While talking about their current shows, Roth mentioned the upcoming spin-off series, Legends Of Tomorrow, saying: "We have very high hopes for on January the twenty-first," seemingly letting slip the premiere date: 21 January 2016.

The date falls on a Thursday, which means that The CW might be moving towards setting up a three-night event of superhero series -- The Flash (Tuesdays), Arrow (Wednesdays) and Legends Of Tomorrow -- which are all set in a shared DC universe.

Arrow star Stephen Amell had something to say about this during his latest interview with IGN where he teased that the three shows might end up being one, playing into a "three-night event" (via ComicBookResources).

"I was speaking with Mark Pedowitz, who's the president of The CW obviously, and this really is something that is... I don't know what the corollary is, I don't know what the precedent is in the history of modern television where you have three shows on one network, each with a distinctive feel," said Amell.

"And we weave Legends into the crossover this year, but if everything goes well with that show, and I would say it will based on how talented everyone that's involved in it is -- on the cast side, the production side and the crew side -- we could be looking at a situation next year where we're able to weave three shows into a three-night event."

Thursday nights on The CW are currently blocked by The Vampire Diaries and Reign, so it's not clear which would move to make the necessary room -- but it is also important to note that no official announcement has been made about the release date for Legends Of Tomorrow.