Leicester City boss celebrated with his players in true Italian style by having pizza after their 1-0 win against Crystal Palace on Saturday (24 October).

Striker Jamie Vardy scored in his seventh successive Premier League game in the 59th minute to move the Foxes to fourth in the table.

Asked by a reporter at the post-match press conference if he'd ordered the pizzas, Ranieri said: "Not yet, not yet. I said to my players on the pitch 'come on, we have a pizza now...finally.'"

"I'm very glad because it was a difficult match today, because Crystal Palace players and very, very tall; bigger; stronger and we fight. It was a battle for us; it was a tactical match," he said.

Palace came close to equalising with a looping header from Scott Dann, but a poor game overall proved to have no more real chances.

"It was a more Italian match than an English match. It was an English match just the last 10 minutes when Palace wanted to deliver a lot of balls in our box, and there was a very big battle," he added.