Enthusiasts dressed as zombies march across the medieval Charles Bridge during a Zombie Walk procession in Prague
Enthusiasts dressed as zombies march across the medieval Charles Bridge during a Zombie Walk procession in Prague REUTERS

Following the news that Leicestershire City Council had received a Freedom of Information request from a "concerned citizen who was wondering if the city council would be prepared in the case of a Zombie invasion, has sent the web on a hysteria craze, it seems that more than one person is anxious of the consequence that a Zombie attack would bring about.

After all, zombies are clearly the stuff nightmares are made of as they hang around the streets with their half-rotten bodies rising from the graves while all they crave for is either fresh blood or flesh, or both.

As surreal as a zombie attack might sound, several books and web pages are dedicated to the key steps needed to survive such a frightening ordeal.

Apparently even if a zombie attack isn't going to be easy, with a cool head, the right tools and a good plan, anyone can escape free and untouched, so here are the main steps you need to follow if you want to be one of the survivors.

1. Cause of the attack

First of all, one of the main important things is to identify the causes for the zombie outbreak. It can be viral, as a simple cold strain added to chemical advance could end up creating flesh eating zombies.It can also be created, usually by some secret government research team, or even by a programme funded by a big corporation in order to achieve world domination a huge financial gain as they are the only one with a cure. On the other hand it could also simply be an accident, an experiment that ended up being out of end or finally some bad spirit that Indiana Jones, or an unknown shaman in the middle of nowhere would have awakened.

2. Holding up in large space

It is important to make sure the survivors end up in a place where they can lock these zombies out. Usually this place would also happen to have a vast supply of food, water and weapons. Cable or internet access is a plus as the survivors have to know what the world has become and if the government, armed forces or even just a random guy who actually turns out to be a super-hero are doing something to fight off the zombies.

3. Securing space from zombies
Survivors need to lock the doors, pull the window gates down, tables on the doors, all in all barricade everything so not a fly can even get inside. Hopefully the surviving party splits off in twos to secure the doors and openings.

4. Create a plan
The next step is usually to Create a plan to find other survivors as well as to discover the origin of the zombie outbreak. While it is important to try and find their friends or loved ones, survivors should keep in mind that the latter might have been affected and are now beyond help.

5. Zombie among us
The previous point brings us to the realisation that survivors run the high risk of someone within their group becoming infected. Obviously as the infected person never tells anyone because they don't want to be killed immediately, suspicions might arose leading to an outbreak of schizophrenia leading to people killing each other anyway, so please be alert.

6. Infected Survivors?
What does happen once the zombies have been exterminated is a fact that is generally too often overlooked. Of course survivors need to make sure that nobody is infected. If on the other hand some people have unfortunately been beaten or scratched, then the ultimate argument questioning our own humanity and what differentiate us from the beast might arise. So should all the infected people be killed?