Reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team have reportedly taken a major step towards his much-awaited contract renewal. Apparently, they have agreed to what is loosely being referred to as the "Verstappen clause."

While this clause is not necessarily directed at Red Bull driver Max Verstappen in particular, he is one of the drivers that will most likely be affected. Basically, Planet F1 reports that the clause will allow Hamilton to veto his teammate in the future.

This is reportedly one of the finer points of the contract that is still under negotiation well past the end of the previous season. After winning his 7th world championship with Mercedes in 2020, Hamilton has not come to an agreement with the team about the extension of his contract.

His attempt to win a record-breaking eighth world title rests largely on this new deal. As it turns out, one of the factors that had been a cause of debate was the authority to choose who gets the second Mercedes seat. Valtteri Bottas still has a contract for 2021, but his contract expires at the end of the season and Toto Wolff has reportedly been keen on bringing in Max Verstappen.

The Dutch star has long been poised to be meant for greatness, and Wolff may very well be looking at him to challenge Hamilton's dominance. To be clear, the clause does not involve Verstappen alone. He has the most potential to challenge for the championship at the moment (aside form Bottas), but other drivers might come into play, such as George Russell, who gave a stellar performance behind the wheel of Hamilton's car last season.

Regardless of who it may eventually be, the clause is meant to give Hamilton the ability to choose his teammate. With Verstappen contracted to Red Bull until the end of 2023, it may not even apply to him at all. After all, Hamilton's new deal may only last for two years plus an option for a third. Some of the other young drivers who are vying for a Mercedes seat will need to pay attention and stay in Hamilton's good graces if this clause is true.

Other details that are being hashed out in his contract includes the provision to have space for personal sponsors in his helmet and overalls.

A previous report also stated that a percentage from TV revenue is being negotiated.

Lewis Hamilton
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