Lewis Hamilton took on a rival of a different kind on Wednesday (28 October), swapping the racing tarmac for the canvas of a wrestling ring. The newly crowned Formula One World Champion appeared at the Arena Mexico to face a masked and leather-clad opponent at the spiritual home of Lucha Libre. Hamilton proved his talents extended beyond the steering wheel as he took on the wrestling star at a Puma exhibition event in Mexico City.

With Formula One returning to Mexico after a 23-year absence Lewis Hamilton was given a cultural insight into the passions of Mexico – embracing the four characteristics of bravery, confidence, determination and joyfulness. A rousing rendition of Mariachi music fronted by Latina actress Zuria Vega got things underway, with a fussball fiesta following against the Mexican star striker Oribe Peralta. The event ended with the spectacular wrestling bout of Hamilton versus Mistico.

Speaking about his Latin experience, Hamilton said: "I never saw myself in the wrestling ring but after taking on Mistico last night I think I've found a new talent! I always enjoy getting an insight into the culture of race countries and last night was a brilliant experience."

"Seeing the spirit of the Mexican people and how they embrace their values of joy, confidence, bravery and determination was very inspiring. The enthusiasm, passion and excitement for the return of Formula One to Mexico was clear and it was an honour to share the stage with some of the country's stars to celebrate this," he added.