Liberal Democrats are now dealing with their own allegations of sexual misconduct amid Westminster's growing sexual harassment scandal.

Anonymous testimonies published on the website 'Lib Dems Too', describe claims of sexual assault and harassment experienced by party members. The accounts, reportedly written by party members, mention inappropriate comments, groping and sexual assault suffered by both women and men.

One member describes being plied with alcohol at a party conference, despite the person being "already incredibly drunk and barely able to stand". The complainant said they woke up the next morning, drunk, in another member's hotel room, unable to remember what had happened. The member said their clothes were lying all over the floor.

Another member said they were a witness to a sexual assault, by a person who had previously sexually harassed them. They reported the incident, but claimed nothing was done.

A former staffer described being sexually harassed by a male local councillor. "When I was 23 and a constituency organiser, one of the male local councillors (aged 70) told me that he felt he needed to take a cold shower after seeing me," the member wrote.

Yet another member claimed his experiences of sexual harassment were "rudely dismissed" because he is a man.

In one allegation, a male member wrote: "A fellow male activist of a similar age (20s) was drunk at conferences and when saying goodbye at the bar, he tried sticking his tongue down my throat. It was horrible and I'm wary to be around him (especially after he has had a drink as he can't seem to control himself)."

They continued: "Women disproportionately face harassment and sexism in our party, but sadly I know myself and other men have to deal with predatory behaviour from other members too."

The allegations come after the Lib Dems confirmed they suspended a party member who is alleged to have raped an activist, The Independent reported. The matter has been referred to the police.

In a statement to The Independent, a Lib Def spokeswoman said: "Our party has a clear and robust complaints procedure, set out on our website. We take any such complaints extremely seriously.

"We would urge anyone who believes that they have been subject to sexual harassment or any other form of inappropriate behaviour by a party member to make a complaint to our pastoral care officer."