In the midday sun, builders work hard turning this former clinic into a new treatment centre to battle ebola. Oniyama Specialist Hospital will be one of five new treatment centres in Liberia, as it struggles to contain the outbreak of the deadly disease.

Located on the outskirts of the country's capital Monrovia, the 500-bed hospital is expected to open in 10 days. Worried locals have welcomed the centre being constructed.

"I think this is the right mentor, the right approach. The fight against Ebola is not at the national level, it's all about the community base, and I think when you start with this process we going to all fight Ebola out of Liberia," said resident Alfonso Weah.

Despite the projects, many countries in west Africa are still struggling to get a grip on the deadly virus. The World Health Organisation says it will take $600 million and many months to bring Ebola under control and forecast as many as 20,000 cases.