The UK's first ever website dedicated to a murder investigation has been launched as part of an initiative by Lincolnshire Police.

The site is dedicated to the murder of Alan Wood, 50, who was tortured, mutilated and murdered at his home in Lound near Bourne in 2009.

Police investigating the murder have not found a motive and two appeals on BBC's Crimewatch have failed to turn up substantial leads.

Detectives said the site would show that the inquiry was still active and invite further information.

Lincolnshire Police have scanned 16,000 possible suspects in the more than two years since the inquiry began.

Det Supt Stuart Morrison said: "The aim of this website is to keep the appeal for information on Alan's killers in the public domain and to provide people with an easy and accessible way of reporting things to us.

"It is designed to give visitors an overview of the whole case and a chance to review the main evidence and appeal points."

The website gives details of the crime and offers a £60,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The site also details an "ATM man" who they think could be a suspect.

It says: "It was established early in the investigation that Alan's bank cards had been used in Bourne and Stamford over a couple of days after his murder. A trawl of thousands of hours of CCTV revealed "ATM man" - the prime suspect."