Lindsay Lohan and Oprah
The embattled actress opened up about her struggles with addiction in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Lindsay Lohan has finally confessed that she is addicted to alcohol and cocaine.

The 27-year-old troubled actress opened up about her struggles with addiction, her time in rehab as well as her public court battles and family feuds in a televised interview on Oprah's Next Chapter.

During the highly-anticipated sit-down, the Mean Girls star confessed that she is addicted to Adderall and has used cocaine more than she admitted in the past.

Just 16-minutes into the segment Winfrey asked if she was an addict and Lohan answered 'Yeah'.

"What is your drug of choice?" Oprah continued.

"Alcohol," said an embarrassed-looking Lohan. "That, in the past, was a gateway to other things for me... I tried cocaine with alcohol."

Following her first arrest for drug possession, Lohan claimed that she had only snorted cocaine three or four times.

However during her interview with Winfrey she admitted it was more, saying: "I really haven't done it more than 10 to 15 times.

"Of course, I said three or four. I was terrified of being judged... [But] I've done it 10 to 15 times."

Wearing a figure-hugging orange dress, Lohan claimed that her addiction to chaos stems from dysfunction in her childhood.

"I grew up in a very chaotic home and there were moments of everything being just wonderful and perfect and then things being so uncontrollable and chaotic," she said.

"It was at times the wonderful place [I] always wanted it to be, but other times it was like hell."

She added: "I hate the bad rap [my parents] get. They're just parents, at the end of the day. I don't blame anyone for my mistakes."

But despite her multiple run-ins with the law, the Parent Trap star declared that her court-ordered sixth stint in rehab last month has put her on road of recovery.

"I feel whole again," she told Winfrey, "and I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."