In this week's A-List Insider:

First it was the Queen and now it looks like Prince Harry has got in on the photo bombing action too.

Here is the moment the cheeky royal decided that he would have some fun at the commonwealth games by sticking his head in the frame as New Zealand officials posed for a selfie.

We don't know what we like best. The ecstatic grin or the two thumbs up.

Either way he has put serial photo bomber Jennifer Lawrence to shame. What a cool Prince!

And over in the world of music, Shakira is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

According to Fox News, the Columbian singer and her partner football star Gerard Piqué, will become parents again later this year.

The couple already have adorable 19-month-old son Milan together and are said to be over the moon about adding to their family.

Earlier this year, the Hips Don't Lie songstress said that they want their own football team.

"If it weren't because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard" she said.

Here's hoping that baby numero dos is a girl because there would be nothing better than a mini Sharika toddling around this time next year.

And finally Kendell Jenner has revealed that not only is she is willing to do topless modelling but she is more than comfortable taking her kit off.

Kim Kardashian's 18-year-old sister recently raised eyebrows when she posed nude for the cover of Love magazine.

But while some people might be a little camera shy she said that the people she works with make her very comfortable.

"it's not weird in anyway" she said.

Kendall has become quite the hot new model. Kim K has posed nude for photographs on several occasions so we shouldn't be surprised to see Kendall following in her footsteps.