Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge
Jordan Henderson has a chronic heel problem Getty

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has revealed that he is suffering from a chronic heel ache, known in the medical world as Plantar Fasciitis, a problem which has been affecting him since April. The midfielder was out of action with a foot injury for the major part of the season and has a chance to make a start against Bournemouth, with the Reds set to take the league by the scruff of its neck.

The problem does not have a cure yet, with specialists from around the world searching for ways to alleviate pain and develop a workaround for the affected to lead a normal life. The England international revealed that the problem was exacerbated with the injury he sustained earlier in the season but hopes to be able to continue playing without much fuss in the near future.

"It was unbearable every time I planted my foot it was like a burning, stabbing, nerve pain," Henderson told the Telegraph. "Even lying in bed there was pain in my foot. It is much better now but there is always that question is it going to come back?

"At times you do get down, especially with this type of injury. With my metatarsal I knew exactly what kind of time scale I'd be out for. You can really focus on each step and what you need to do.

"But with my heel there isn't a time scale, there isn't really a cure. I've been pretty down about it because we couldn't find the answers. Now I'm at a point where I can function – where I can train and start playing some part in games. Hopefully I can continue like that and it will continue to get better."

Jamie Carragher was another player who had to cope with problem and Henderson revealed that he has had a talk with the former Liverpool problem over ways to overcome it.

"I spoke to Carra briefly and we also spoke to quite a few experts and doctors all over the world to try and nip it in the bud. A lot of people say keep doing cortisone injections and eventually it will probably just rupture. That might be the relief that is needed," he added.