Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan was shown a red card in controversial fashion against Chelsea Getty Images

Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness have launched a vicious attack on Chelsea following their antics that led to Zlatan Ibrahimovic being sent off in their 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

The former Barcelona man was sent off for a late tackle on Oscar in spite of the Swede having retraced his studs before making any contact. However, Oscar made a complete meal of the challenge while every Chelsea player in the outfield surrounded the referee to put pressure on his decision.

Carragher, speaking on behalf of Sky Sports at half-time, believes that Jose Mourinho's words condemning the French outfit for their physical approach also played a part in making the decision for the referee.

"The sending off is very unfortunate. It's not a red card," Carragher said.

"Zlatan is actually trying to pull his foot away. You look at it and Oscar's (foot) is as high as his, if not higher, and if the referee is the other side maybe he would look at Oscar and give the decision the other way.

"The reaction from the Chelsea players is disgraceful and it's sad. It's something that's coming into the game and it comes from Jose Mourinho's teams. They have this reaction, it's not a one-off.

"Maybe what he's said beforehand in the press conference has gone into the referee's head.

"I always think with Jose Mourinho's teams, they will always be respected but they will never be loved because of situations like this. They take winning to a level that no other team or manager does.

"You see the reaction of some of the players and it has definitely played a part – and Mourinho's words have worked," he continued.

Souness was also critical of how Chelsea harangued the referee and wants the gamesmanship that has plagued British football over the past few seasons to be eradicated for good.

"We had a great game of football going on there and it saddens me, and makes me angry at the same time, that gamesmanship is deciding these big games," Souness started.

"It's not a sending off, it is Oscar's studs that are high. This has spoiled the game. It's not about the best team winning it any more.

"If that's what our game is coming to we need to sort it out and sort it out quickly," he added.