Liverpool star Adam Lallana says German youngster Emre Can will have a bright future at Anfield.

The 20-year-old midfielder move to Merseyside this summer for around £9.5m with the aim of becoming the long-term replacement for captain Steven Gerrard.

Having grown in the prolific Bayern Munich's academy before his move to Bayer Leverkusen, Lallana believes Can is ready to be a hit in the Premier League.

"He's played for Bayern Munich and he came from Bayer Leverkusen, so you don't play for two top teams and get Champions League experience as well [without being talented]," Lallana said to Liverpool official website.

"He's a top player. His versatility - he can play in defensive positions and I think he's played full-back at times as well. But he's more dominant in the central role,

"He's also a very unselfish player. He'll always put the team first. He'll sacrifice himself in terms of whether he's got to make a last-ditch tackle or help his teammate out. He also proved against Chelsea that he can go forward and nick a goal as well."

Can may has struggled to make the impact expected at Merseyside since his summer arrival but during the recent 2-1 defeat to Chelsea, he proved his worth with a fantastic goal.

"I think Emre showed in the Chelsea game that one of his big qualities is driving forward with the ball and shooting," Lallana said.

"I remember in pre-season, when I was injured, I was out there and I was really impressed with him. He's still a lot younger than everyone probably thinks as well.

"He's a strong player, a good tackler, he's got a great engine. He can play a few positions as well, so he's going to be a great player for Liverpool moving forward."