Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has claimed that Romelu Lukaku deliberately stamped on him during the Reds' 0-0 draw against Manchester United on Saturday (14 October).

It was just before half-time that the two players came together and video replays showed that Lukaku's heel caught Lovren's face while the defender was still on the ground. The defender protested the striker's actions, but the referee opted not to take further action.

It seemed accidental in the moment, but the Reds defender believes there was intent on the part of the United striker, who had an off colour game at Anfield. The English FA have cleared Lukaku of any wrongdoing after they ruled out a retrospective action.

Arsenal record scorer Thierry Henry and former Liverpool star Graeme Souness backed the striker suggesting that he does not deserve a penalty as it was purely accidental. Lovren, however, thinks it was not accidental as the Belgium international failed to apologise for his actions, but made it clear that he will not hold a grudge against the striker.

"I made a tackle there - I just felt he was over me he could have moved away," Lovren said ahead of Liverpool's Champions League clash against Maribor, as quoted by The Guardian.

"But, to be honest, my honest view was he did it on purpose. Even if he didn't do it [on purpose], he would usually apologise, he was nervous during the game, that was also the reason," the Croatia international added.

"That happened on the pitch and it is over. I cannot change it and no one can change it so that is what I am thinking about. This is not my decision.

"I cannot say I am disappointed but it is what it is. We need to move on. That is football, part of the game," he concluded.

Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren has claimed that Romelu Lukaku deliberately stamped on him during Liverpool's 0-0 draw against United Getty