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Ukraine's very own Valeria Lukyanova, aka Amatue, has recently taken to YouTube to declare that she would eventually like to give up food completely and live off sunlight.

Lukyanova has become an overnight internet sensation and now claims to be the most famous person on the Russian-speaking net.

Her extremely slight frame and large bust has led some viewers to label her a living Barbie doll.

The 21-year-old's YouTube videos and Facebook photos have attracted both praise and criticism, with comments ranging from "Barbie.... Ewwww... You Stink!" to a series of marriage proposals.

While Lukyanova views herself as a singer and esoteric, she has also said that she teaches people how to "leave their body and fly the universe", which she described as a pleasurable experience.

"Melodies from other worlds and universes open up some kind of energy portal for listeners of my music," Lukyanova said in one of her videos on YouTube.

She then went on to tell her thousands of YouTube subscribers that she hopes to reach "food nihilism".

"I love all living things, so I do not eat the meat. I eat only fruits and my ultimate goal is to be powered by solar energy, that is a complete rejection of food," the living doll explained.