Logan Paul saw his life flash before his eyes just weeks after the controversy over a YouTube video he posted showing a dead body in a Japanese 'suicide forest'.

The 22-year-old YouTube celebrity, recently declared as the most popular channel for children aged between five and 16, went skydiving on Thursday (1 February) but his main parachute did not open. He was forced to cut the pack off and use the reserve parachute mid-air, something he said had never happened at his skydiving school before.

Posting a photo of the empty parachute pack on Twitter, Paul wrote: "Here's a photo of my empty pack after i had to cut away my main parachute bc it didn't open i can tell you — the feeling of the blue reserve parachute opening & functioning properly was miraculous this has never happened to another student before at this school. LP lives on."

Fans who have stuck by Paul despite the suicide outrage were sympathetic on Twitter. "Holy s**t!!! I'm happy you're ok," "Hope you're doing fine logan" and "Glad you are okay! Sky diving is scary in itself but main chute not opening I can't even imagine..." were just three of the messages. Others debated whether Paul should earn a reprieve for his recent mistakes.

Since posting the suicide forest video, Paul has been removed from YouTube's preferred advertisers list and had several YouTube Red projects axed. The only vlogs he has posted since then are an apology video, which was criticised for being monetised, and a suicide awareness video.