Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has strongly criticised the Conservative Party over its campaign in London mayoral election. The Highbury and Islington MP accused the Conservatives of taking the the campaign "to the gutter".

Corbyn said: "In some places the elections have been decent, reasonable and fair, in some places there has been a very good political debate. In London, the Tory campaign took it to the gutter. Took it to the gutter in their abuse of Sadiq Khan, in the language they used against Sadiq Khan."

He added: "People were pouring out to vote for Sadiq because they were so disgusted at the language that had been used against him by the Tories."

Some have labelled Zac Goldsmith's campaign "racist", with Corbyn repeatedly attacking the Richmond Park MP and the Conservative Party for their treatment of Khan in PMQs on 4 May. The final poll before the British public voted on 5 May gave the Labour candidate a significant lead.