The Metropolitan Police are seeking witnesses to an acid attack on a family in Islington that left a man with "life-changing" injuries.

The disturbance occurred at roughly 1.05pm on Saturday (8 April) when the London Ambulance Service (LAS) rushed to the scene in Copenhagen Street junction with Caledonian Road, N1.

In a statement, the Met described the injuries suffered by the family, including a mother and a two-year-old son, being "consistent with a noxious substance, believed to be an acid, being thrown at them".

It said: "The victims – a 40-year-old father, a 36-year-old mother and their two-year-old boy – were found with injuries consistent with a noxious substance, believed to be an acid, being thrown at them.

"They were initially taken to a north London hospital, and were subsequently transferred to another hospital.

"The man's injuries, whilst not believed to be life-threatening, are being treated as life-changing."

The woman and son have now been released from hospital, after receiving treatment for minor injuries, but the man will remain in care.

An investigation has been launched by detectives from Central North Borough Command Unit CID, who want to "establish the full circumstances" of the attack and "ascertain what the substances is".

The London Fire Brigade confirmed that both parents had 15% burns on their hands and bodies, while the son received burns on his face.

The alleged substance had a ph rating of one, making it one of the most powerful acids available, capable of causing great harm. Acids of this kind – such as sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric acid – are all commercially available and can be purchased in high street stores.

The Met declined to comment further when contacted by IBTimes UK.

Potential witnesses or anyone who has additional information on the incident should contact the Central North CID via 101 or tweet to @MetCC.

To give information anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit