London pride
Marchers from Uganda, where homosexuality is outlawed, participate in the annual Pride London parade Reuters

IBTimes columnist Peter Tatchell tweeted his disgust at an LGBT group from UKIP moving in front of African LGBTI groups and blocking them with UKIP placards.

LGBT in UKIP group was reportedly asked by stewards at the Pride in London parade to stay away from African LGBT groups, led by Out and Proud.

The right-wing political party had been banned from taking part in today's march in London over "safety concerns", after Tatchell and other activists raised concern about representatives from a political party associated with homophobia attending the Pride celebrations.

However, the UKIP contingent joined the Pride parade after it had begun, seemingly with little trouble.

But according to PinkNews, Richard Hendron – LGBT in UKIP's organiser – says Pride organisers told the group it was "insensitive" for them to march near black LGBT groups.

"They said to march a few more back," said Hendron, "because they said it was insensitive. We don't want to be disruptive – we are cooperating to a degree."

He said they had not been told they would be removed from the march.

However, Peter Tatchell, who was on the march, tweeted that he was appalled at the way Ukip barged in front of the African marchers and blocked them with Ukip placards.

The Ukip group previously accused Pride organisers of using "safety" as "an excuse to keep LGBTI in UKIP out of the parade".

"Despite this ban, LGBT in UKIP do plan to show a presence, supporting LGBT rights, inclusion and equality, not to mention our right to be there. It is important that we get as many LGBT people from UKIP to attend, as there will be media interest in us."