A Great-granddad has become the oldest person to be convicted of involvement during the riots in August, after stealing jumpers from JD Sports during a raid.

Thomas Hart, 69, claimed he committed the crime after drinking at least six pints of lager before joining a crowd who were looting the shop.

His picture then appeared in a newspaper's 'hall of shame' which prompted Hart to hand himself in. Hart pleaded guilty to burglary at Camberwell Green magistrates' court.

He currently out on bail and will be sentenced at Inner London crown court next month.

Speaking outside the court, Hart told the Daily Mirror: "I was stupid. I'd had a good drink.

"I wasn't one of those people setting fire to things and smashing the place up - there's no need for that. I took two or three jumpers but I didn't get them home. Someone pushed me to the ground."

The pensioner had left a pub when he came across a gang of youths looting the shop in Lewinsham, South London on August 8.

JD Sports was left with a £250,000 bill due to the damage and stolen goods. Police were not able to find the items taken by Hart.