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Have you ever thought of creating a world record?

Definitely it is not a cakewalk and needs dedication and hard work to achieve one.

For example, a wedding dress worn by 17-year-old Romanian model Ema Dumitrescu has won the Guinness World Record for the longest wedding dress train on Tuesday.

The dress was 2,750 metres long, floated from a balloon over Romania's capital Bucharest.

There are several people out there finding out different ways to get to the no.1 spot.

For instance, Rolf Bucholz of Germany created a Guinness world record in 2011 for the 'Most Pierced Man' with 453 piercings all over his body. He did not achieve this overnight.

From the world's shortest man to the world's heaviest pulled weight by manpower, there are some weird and fascinating world records.

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