Former FC Barcelona forward Luis Suarez got on the nerves of his former teammates during the match between the Catalan giants and his new club, Atletico Madrid on Saturday.

There was much fanfare surrounding the return of Suarez, who bid an emotional farewell to the Camp Nou last summer. However, things were anything but warm on the pitch as Atletico dominated the first half of the crucial La Liga encounter.

Suarez proved to be as threatening as before, and managed to challenge keeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen on more than one occasion. On one of his attempts at goal, he ended up appealing for a penalty after Ter Stegen was forced to swipe at the ball with his glove just as Suarez was coming in for a header.

The keeper caught the ball but also made a touch on the player's face. It was impossible to tell how hard the impact really was, but Suarez tried his best to win a penalty by clutching his face and staying on the ground.

"That's enough, fatty. You can't be serious. That's enough!" said Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, as quoted by Marca. To be clear, "fatty" may not necessarily be an insult as it is believed that it is a nickname that Suarez used during his time in the Barcelona dressing room.

Ter Stegen was not too pleased either. He was seen leaning close to Suarez as the latter remained on the ground. "Hey, Luis! Not like that," he reportedly said.

In the end, referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz agreed with the Barcelona players and no penalty was given. Suarez made further attempts at goal but the match ended in a 0-0 stalemate.

Suarez still came home with the last laugh, as his current team still leads La Liga Santander by two points. They faced the threat of losing that lead on Sunday, but Real Madrid failed to take the opportunity and only managed a 2-2 draw against Sevilla. As a result, Atletico keeps the narrow lead with only three games left to play.

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez has been the driving force behind Atletico Madrid's title push AFP / JAVIER SORIANO