It's now only a matter of days until Luke Cage is finally released on Netflix, so it stands to reason that Marvel and the streaming service have released the last trailer for the show ahead of its premiere today (26 September). Just like the previous sneak peeks, the clip showcases Cage's superhuman strength, unbreakable skin and arguably his best quality: his badass attitude.

Having already been introduced to the lead character in last year's Jessica Jones, the video wastes no time setting up the overall premise for Cage's own series, with Mahershala Ali's baddie Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes terrorising the residents of Harlem with his illegal operations. Undoubtedly the smoothest criminal the Marvel universe has seen, the trailer begins with a monologue from Stokes, saying: "This place is my reputation. My legacy. My blood. And when the smoke clears, I promise you, I'ma be the king."

Mahershala Ali in Luke Cage
Mahershala Ali stars as the smoothest bad guy Marvel as ever seen in the final Luke Cage trailer Marvel / Netflix

But where there's nefarious villains, there's always do-gooder heroes to take them down – regardless of how reluctant they might be. You see, the trailer sees Mike Colter's Cage attempt to shirk off his great powers: "I don't wanna be different than anybody else". However, with some encouragement from already existing characters, he eventually steps up to defend the streets of New York City.

Also starring Captain America: Civil War's Alfre Woodard as Stokes' right-hand woman and corrupt politician cousin Mariah, Wayward Pines' Simone Missick as Harlem police detective Misty Knight and Rosario Dawson reprising her Daredevil role as Hell's Kitchen nurse Claire Temple, Netflix will upload the entire first season of Luke to its services worldwide this Friday (30 September).

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