Sick Madeleine McCann t-shirts cost one prison office his job at Wandsworth prison
Sick Madeleine McCann t-shirts cost one prison office his job at Wandsworth prison

Six prison officers on a "lads' weekend" wore T-shirts claiming they "had" Madeleine McCann in a stunt that resulted in one of them getting the sack.

The warder and his colleagues from Wandsworth prison in south London wore T-shirts bearing the message "We have Madeleine McCann" written in pen.

They were wearing them on a drunken night out.

Pictures uploaded on Facebook led to jail bosses finding out about the prank - two months after it had happened.

One man lost his job over the incident and five others have been disciplined. An inquiry has been launched.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "An investigation has taken place at HMP Wandsworth and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken following an incident concerning a number of prison officers outside of working hours and away from the prison.

"Until the disciplinary process is completed we are unable to comment further."

Jerry and kate McCann would be shocked by sick t-shirts, claimed Wandsworth jail source PIC: Reuters
Jerry and Kate McCann (Reuters)

A source at Wandsworth jail told Metro: 'It makes me sick to think that just because they work for the Prison Service they should get away with this disrespectful behaviour.

"If I was the mother or father of Madeleine McCann I would want to know about this."

The stunt was exposed as Metropolitan Police officers renew the search for clues about what happened to Madeleine in 2007.

The three-year-old vanished during a family holiday in 2007, sparking a huge search. But when she was not found, the investigation was shut down. It was reopened in October by Portuguese police following a TV appeal on Crimewatch.

New witnesses have come forward to say they encountered a man matching the description of somebody the police wanted to speak to. He was reportedly in and around Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine went missing.