Huib Gorter, VP Malaysia Arlines Europe
Malaysia Airlines' Europe Vice-President Huib Gorter speaks at a news conference at Schiphol Airport    Reuters

The families of those who died in the Malaysian Airlines crash in Ukraine will each receive $5,000 (£3,000) "towards their immediate needs", the airline's vice-president has announced.

Speaking at a media conference Huib Gorter has also revealed the airline plans to fly relatives to Ukraine – though he warned the crash site is in difficult terrain and is around 300 miles from capital Kiev.

The press conference was held at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, where the doomed Malaysia Airline flight MH17 departed on Thursday.

Gorter reiterated comments from Malaysia's transport minister made earlier that the aircraft was technically sound and was flying on an approved route.

"Other international airlines were flying with us in that area. This is a tragic incident which could have happened to any of us", he said.

Explaining the $5,000 payout, Gorter said affected families have a lot of "needs".

"We want to ensure we are a caring company and we want to ensure families get the best we can offer".