A Wisconsin man locked a woman inside a wooden box after sexually assaulting her and using a stun gun to subdue her, prosecutors allege.

The reported kidnapping happened on December 28, and suspect Allen Jamroz, 54, was arrested the following day, after the victim managed to escape his home in Mosinee, about 175 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

The woman said she went to Jamroz's home to visit his granddaughter, but she wasn't there, reported Associated Press citing a crime report on the incident.

She said that Jamroz asked for help on a remodelling project in his basement, and then attacked her with a 'homemade' stun gun before wrestling her to the ground.

The woman said he tied her up with duct tape and ordered her to the floor, and told her he was going to have sex with her. He allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him.

She said Jamroz took away her mobile phone and put her in the box, which he fastened shut using a power screwdriver and contained a red blanket, teddy bear and condoms, reported the Wasau Daily Herald.

She said she then passed out for an "unknown" period of time, and when she woke up used the strength in her legs to break the duct tape binding her knees, and chewed through the tape and twine binding her wrists.

The victim said she then used a nail she had found and concealed during her earlier struggle with Jamroz to cut through tape binding her ankles.

She then rolled onto her stomach and used her back to break out of the box. The basement door was fastened, and she used a hammer to pry it open and fled from the house to get help.

Jamroz was not at home at the time of the escape.

The woman's age is not known. Jamroz is being held on $30,000 bail and faces felony kidnapping and sexual assault charges.