US mind control
A US man claimed his country's government was beaming satellite rays into his body (

An American has been arrested for dialling 911, the country's emergency hotline, over 100 times in the past month.

Sacramento's Jimmy Shao, 56, claims the US government is using a satellite to beam signals into his body and this causes severe pain.

On Tuesday, after his arrest, Shao claimed "they squeeze my brain, they press my stomach, they stir my intestines."

According to the New York Daily News, some of Shao's calls lasted for as long as seven minutes and after several such calls, police arrested Shao for abusing the hotline.

Sacramento Police officer Michele Gigante said: "He was told to stop making those calls and to use non-emergency lines and he refused to do so. He was annoying and harassing dispatchers."

The authorities believe Shao is delusional and needs psychiatric care. Shao, for his part, says he visited a psychiatrist, after his ex-wife asked him to, and was told he was okay. Unfortunately, her comments on the matter have yet to be recorded.

"When he talks about the government controlling him and stirring his intestines, that's not reality-based. That's delusional, paranoid in nature," Sacramento County mental health services psychiatrist Joseph Sisson said to Fox40.

The 911 operators are equally unimpressed with the matter, with New York Daily News quoting Jena Swafford, a dispatch supervisor, as saying: "It can be very frustrating for a dispatcher because, for us, 911 is that lifeline. It's our number one priority."

Shao has been released from jail but is believed to have gone back to his old tricks and has called 911 three times since.

US law does not allow a non-violent sane adult to be forcibly committed to mental care. According to Sisson, situations like this are called 51/50. "That's the statute that allows someone to be evaluated if they're a danger to themselves or others," he explained.