A 33-year-old California father was arrested and charged with felony child cruelty after his newborn son was taken to hospital with broken arms.

Glen Robert Haskell, of Plumas Lake, was arrested on Monday (16 October) after doctors at a local hospital contacted the Yuba County Sheriff's Department. Haskell was accused of harming his two-week-old son, KTXL reported.

"The doctors were treating a two-week-old baby that had bilateral spiral fractures to both of its arms," Lt Wendell Anderson with the sheriff's department said.

Haskel's initial excuse for why his son's arms were broken did not add up, so detectives continued to question him. They then learned that the boy had been shaken, The Sacramento Bee reported.

"The baby was crying, and the suspect in the case became frustrated and got the baby by both arms and shook the baby causing the injuries," Anderson told reporters.

The boy was transferred to a hospital in Sacramento, California and is undergoing treatment.

Haskell was booked into Yuba County Jail with his bail set at $50,000 (£38,015), according to the sheriff's department. Records show Haskell remains in jail.